#1 Grubcast by Crowdpleaser

The first in our series of Grubcast which is kicked off in style by the wonderful Crowdpleaser ahead of his forthcoming release.

Crowdpleaser aka Gregor Schönborn has such an elusive style and always has an very interesting twist to his music and sets. He also puts on some of the finest parties in the world.

MGA: You have been known for putting on some of the best parties around. Tell us a little about your nights?

CROWDPLEASER: Well we had a club running for three years called the Shark here in Geneva, the best crowd, the best soundsystem and no closing hours and no security. It was so intense that I still don’t really like talking about it. It was tight in every way.

MGA: What has been your most memorable party?

CROWDPLEASER: The Dachkantine in Zürich was an amazing club I used to play every month. Parties lasted 2-3 days there and you’d never leave the club in between, everybody came and played there.

MGA: Which came first, putting on nights or making music?

CROWDPLEASER: Hmm, I can guess it came hand in hand, music for the parties and parties for the music 🙂

MGA: You have released some great releases in the past however your output seems to always be very selective. Tell us about your latest release and how that come about.

CROWDPLEASER: I produce all the time and don’t care too much about having to release it, so from time to time I just send tracks to my DJ friends. I thought Ripperton could use my tracks in his set, especially after rhône really made me think of him, so when he wanted to put them out It all made sense

MGA: What’s next for Crowdpleaser?

CROWDPLEASER: Playing every weekend to my beloved crowd and doing beats. You’ll hear of me !


#1 Grubcast by Crowdpleaser by Mindgrubaudio on Mixcloud