PRESS RELEASE ::: Möd3rn ‘Möd3rn6’ (Möd3rn)

This January will see Traumer, Maxime Dangles and Electric Rescue return under their Möd3rn guise with ‘Möd3rn6’, a three-track collection from the collaborative trio.

The Möd3rn imprint was launched back in 2013 by Antoine Husson aka Electric Rescue, Maxime Dangles and Romain Reynaud aka Traumer and since its launch the project has seen support from the likes of Inigo Kennedy, Joachim Spieth and Louisahhh. Now marking the sixth EP on the label the three artists continue their format of three tracks from all three artists each release.

Opening up the package is ‘Mö 16’, an eerie slice or energy fuelled Techno employing vacillating synth glitches, stuttering stab sequences and soaring leads alongside robust and loosely swinging rhythms. Following is ‘Mö 17’ which lays its focus on ever blooming rave stabs with gradually unfold and retract with dubbed out percussion throughout its seven-minute duration.

The bumpy, hypnotic feel of ‘Mö 18’ then rounds off the package fusing penetrating analogue rhythms with swirling stab sequences and snaking bass grooves.

The ‘Mödern 6’ EP is out now.