#2 Grubcast – Club Bizarre

Club BizarreSometime you come across something that simply just stands out. Sitting taller than everything else without total ease and without even trying. This can be seen from decade to decade, country to country, from scene to scene. Some people naturally shine. That is Club Bizarre – a duo that hails from Metz, a small town near Luxembourg in France. They will soon be something so much more. They form part of Day’s Of Being Wild, a fairly new record label that has been gaining praise from people quickly in the industry and have a sound that even Weatherall would be proud of.

They have work forthcoming from the likes of XY-Me, Heretic (half of Eskimo Twins) and Passarella Death Squad to give you a hint of what’s to come and also have had remixes from one of our favourite Sheffield lads Bozzwell, the duo Eskimo Twins and one of our favourite names in the in the industry Pink Skull.

We were delighted when Sam from CB agreed to take on the task of putting together our second Grubcast and there is a very fine reason we were ecstatic – they are good. Very good. Some people have it. They are definitely in that category. And if they carry on at this rate, they will be leading it.

Keep an eye out for their forthcoming material some of which is out the early side of 2014 with a release on Days Of Being Wild and also an EP on Laurent Pastor’s imprint Astrolab. Expect greatness as that is all these guys can do.

#2 Grubcast by Club Bizarre by Mindgrubaudio on Mixcloud