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We all know it’s hard to push the sounds and projects you have a true passion for. With more and more people doing what they love, its becoming ever increasing in the possibility that what you create or are involved in gets drowned out amongst everything else.

Budgets can be somewhat tight and we understand that more than most. We want to help by offering cost-effective space on our site to enable you to freely push what you love and believe in.

We are lucky to have a site in which more and more people are using every day. In just 12 months we have managed to grow our base from no views, to having a platform that attracts thousands of people every single month. And it’s growing. Rapidly.

With that however, we are not in the business of pushing whoever can pay the most. We set up the site becuase we believe in the music we push. We believe the music comes first before anything else and from that, we offer tailored packages that suit us in order to cover our costs, but more importantly allows you to push your project and sounds in a manner of price that is reachable.

Interested in advertising with us? Send us an email to and let’s see what we can achieve.