Al Gobi – Pueblo Grande (12″/Digital)

Al Gobi, albeit an unusual name considering it is the alias for Ian Blevins & Phil Moody, is something of a welcome.  A Huge welcome in fact as their sound is somewhat unique and wonderful.  That much is true.  They have a great understanding of frequencies, and allow instruments to breath within those frequencies.  Not only that, they have a great simplistic approach to what they do and as such, are able to create strangely mind-blowing music.

Constant State is the imprint they chose for their latest release – a label which is new in form and is the brainchild behind Audio Parallax.  CS is looking like it will make a great mark on all around it.  In the words of the label itself, they quote:

“Constant State is not a record label. We’d prefer not to be labelled.

Once you start labelling things, you’re applying a set of rules; restrictions. Once there are rules in place, you’re expected to follow them. A routine develops. Certain things are expected.”

Too true.  And a great way to say from the start that those labels will not be.  However with such a bold statement, you need a bold release.  ‘Pueblo Grande’ is certainly that.  Bold and beautiful.  A must for any collector out there.

Go buy!