EXCLUSIVE ::: Alpha Function ‘Odissea’ (Ampispazi Recordings)

It’s safe to say that we are huge fans of Ampispazi Recordings here at MGA. For more than just the music aswell. Yes of course that is a big factor – and something in which they succeed at with a high standard of audible wonders that are released through this imprint – but there is something in which we are especially enriched with the mentality of this label. Since their launch back in 2011, they have made it their duty to put out serious sounds, from artists in which they consider to have have had the attention they most certainty deserve.

Mik Santoro – the Berlin-based frontman for the label – has been frantically working behind the scenes to colmpile a new 16-track release of new tracks from up and coming producers out there and its safe to say that it is pretty spectacular to say the very least. We are very proud to bring our readers / listeners an exclusive from the release by Italian producer and sound designer Alpha Function (af) who, in 2014 decided to focus entirely on music production. quoted by the man in question, he describes his sounds as a construction of his and his “emotional” background.

Your support on this release is essential once it hits the stores and is one for the serious collectors amongst us. Here is a taster to prove just that. Enjoy.