FREE ALBUM ::: In The Deep by Franco Bianco

“The depth where no one is looking, he argues, in the mundane, in silence, as clearly not perhaps see we do not know what to call it or do not take the time to let it appear. Deep stems from the alleged nothing materializes suddenly, almost without asking permission, rolling on itself. ” True to his need for new horizons, Franco Bianco delivery here three different stories in three vigorous tracks, combining styles and worldviews without that break the universe coming. The result is an evocative work unit in which however the diversity reigns supreme. “Is that something new is at the bottom of the known. A ‘known’ never finished, it never completely formed or only formed at the time of listening and then moves on. ” “In The Deep” is the most free labor and also more limited and solid time of Franco Bianco. The three original in its diversity issues however traveling together, as three horses alternating with restraint in the front, starting with the tribe ‘Slick’, with its striking introduction, following the strong message of ‘A Kolla’ and concluding with the essence of “In The Deep”, where light and darkness, drawing feelings and moods are intertwined. ‘A Kolla’ refers to a poem recited by Fortunato Ramos young Eyen claiming worldview and feel of the original peoples of Bolivia, Chile and Argentina in their resistance to foreign domination over 500 years. The re-versions available on this vinyl 12 “belong to the Austrian producer John Tejada, the German Gabriel Ananda and Swedish Cari Lekebusch and Samuel L Session. In the digital edition (iTunes for example) may also find amazing versions of American Bruno Pronsato and Yapacc and Faray Germans. And closing the sublime version of Japan (Tokyo native star) Iori Wakasa. Each of these remixes bears the original stamp of diverse cultures, always in balance between dance and talent necessary to provide air to the creative freedom. Al said holding that “waiting despair” In The Deep replied “the wait was worth it. ” From the original to the remixes, beyond what we are used in electronic music, here’s a work unusual. And not little.