FREE Album ::: Low Steppa ‘Troubles’

UK producer Low Steppa has released his latest album for free via his Facebook page ( It comes hot on the heels of a breakout year for the producer and is sure to cement his place on the top of the pile.
Since the early years of this millennium, Low Steppa has been producing some of the finest bass music around under various guises, whilst also touring the globe and rocking some of the world’s best parties – from EDC in Los Angeles to Womb in Tokyo. He recently toured the states, runs his own label Simma Black Records and big dogs like Huxley and Amine Edge & DANCE have supported his work before now.
The album takes in beefy house, heavyweight bass and garage fusions that are groove driven, rich in colour and very much alive in terms of their polished, charming production. Running the whole gamut from early warm up to peak time to tripped out, the album showcases Low Steppa’s strength in depth.
Though informed by classical styles and scenes, this is a very modern album that will continue to keep the man behind it right at the forefront of the minds of both DJs and dancers going into 2015.