Free Man Power Download

We all love a bit of mystery don’t we?  From being a young squiddle, reading Marvel and being mesmerised by the awe that surrounds the whole crux and perplexity of secrets surrounding it all.

Well I’m 28 now and that mystery still grains around my academician thoughts.  So add such rune around an artist and you have me hooked from the word go – providing it’s not that Deadmau simpleton those EDM crazed numpties cry about all the time.   No, I’m on about good music. Great music. Proper music. Music!

Man Power is just that – mysterious; talented; great.  So when we got an email from this marvel announcing a free download of an edit he did of The Cure, we slapped those plugs in our ears quicker than you can shout ‘Throw your foot away, you’re tired and your face is grey’