Interview with the folk @ Clandestino (Leeds)


The folk over at Cladestino are quickly building up a reputation for their podcast series and their infamous shindigs about town.  So we caught up with them for a quick Q&A to find out more.

What is Clandestino?

Clandestino is a reasonably successful bi-monthly podcast with occasional parties whenever we find the right space. Our first event a couple of years ago launched with A Love From Outer Space, so it’s a bit difficult to top that and we don’t want to be one of those nights where we feel we have to book a guest DJ just to compete. So right now we’re just holding small, intimate parties where we have the freedom to play what we like between us to like-minded friends and extended family.

Who’s involved?

There’s three of us; myself Joe Morris, Nick Smith and Iain Mac with Andy Pye from Balearic Social occasional coming in to play when we do a party.

What’s your sound?

It’s a difficult one because again we don’t want to pigeon-hole ourselves but I guess we have adopted the balearic attitude of if its good music and fits the vibe we’ll play it. But I would say we have a particular focus on electronic, italo sounds with a nod to early Detroit and Chicago stuff.

It sounds like quite an eclectic approach musically; is there much of a scene for that in Leeds?

I don’t know whether you’d call it a scene but there’s definitely a small collective of people pushing a broader sense of music. Outlaws Yacht Club always have lots of eclectic things happening; the Joe’s Bakery boys do a great monthly party and Cosmic Slop is definitely worth checking out. Butter Side Up pull a younger crowd but they always have interesting DJ’s playing.

Are you producing any music?

Individually we’ve all been producing for quite a while with our tracks being released on labels such as Red Laser, Paper Recordings, El Diablos, Nang and Mora Music but just recently we’ve been working together on some Clandestino projects. Now I know all producers say this but we’re really excited as to how its sounding; I think we’ve individually got different strengths with making tracks so it’s been great to put them together and hear the results of that. We have a bunch of tracks almost ready; we just want to make sure they are the best they can be before sending them out.

What artists and labels are you digging?

I think Emotional Response and their associate labels are doing some wicked stuff at the moment, Rothmans and Tusk Wax have been putting out great music, Red Laser in Manchester is killer, Days Of Being Wild are doing great stuff and Golf Channel and IsItBalearic? are essential, as is World Unknown. As for artists we always keep and eye on what people like Soft Rocks, Coyote, Ruf Dug, Black Merlin and Last Waltz are doing. Lot of great stuff around at the moment actually.

Have you been playing out anywhere else?

We played at the Electric Elephant festival in Croatia last year and we’ve done one or two little gigs around Leeds at Basics and Outlaws but we’ve not really pushed ourselves to play at other people’s parties. The focus has been on making some music so once that’s out then hopefully the gigs will follow.

So when and where is the next party?

Saturday 5th April, but we are not saying where until just before. Its a small loft space in the centre of Leeds that literally will only fit 100 people. I’m not really a fan of the secret venue thing bit this works for us because we don’t want any knobs turning up; we are only inviting friends and people we know will appreciate what we are about. If it sounds like something you want to check out register interest at so we can let you know where to go.

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