Kahlil Anthony (ThatManMonks Reworks) 12″ on Shadeleaf Music

mainWith a fantastic debut release under their belt, Shadeleaf Music are back with a fresh EP that delivers four more tracks of quality house. Thatmanmonkz has got together with singer, novelist and theatre producer Khalil Anthony to rework two tracks from Anthony’s wonderful ‘Train’ album.

‘Needed You’ is first to be given the ‘Monkz’s treatment. And what an absolute belter it is! This track bumps, shuffles and roles along in a manner that is impossible to resist. Anthony’s achingly beautiful vocal sits astride an infectious beat that will leave you getting your groove on wherever you may be. Seriously, if this doesn’t plaster a massive grin across your face, you may want to get yourself to a doctor and ask him where your soul is. You may not have thought that bass line could get any filthier, but somehow Monkz has found a way to do just that on the fantastically sleazy dub version. Proper tackle right there.

The philosophical musings of Kahlil get ‘Shelter’ underway, asking you to question your place in a society that no longer seems built for you. A gentle organ melody and some unrelentingly funky bongos soon join them, whilst ‘Monkz lets loose with yet another jaw-droppingly seductive bass line that will seduce you onto the dancefloor in next to no time. Mesmerisingly beautiful, the dub sees the keys given more prominence and pushed to the fore, alongside that staunch, steadfast ‘Monkz bass line. In the vocal, Khalil implores that “My spirit, calling for shelter” and in this warm slice of house-laden goodness, we may all have found just that.