Premiesku ‘Pe Dos EP’ (Vakant)

Reading the press release I am somewhat excited by what I am about to hear. Given that it is written by the artists themselves, giving us an insight into the thoughts and also sharing their infectious enthusiasm for what they do. All good so far, let’s see what they are so excited about.

First up is the title track ‘Pe Dos’ which starts off crisply in the beats department, driving along nicely to a breakdown of sorts and the Tenaglias-esque vocal, makes think of the tough New York sound complete with some simple yet catchy percussion. This is a building tune as the synths enter lifting the track some more, peak time on the right sort of floor, by that I mean no big moves or riffs just a funky groove.

Next up is the Sons of Tiki mix of ‘Noococ’ and the vibe shifts to more shuffly drum break introduction and female snippet vocal sample. Again the percussion is there with whole groove being funk filled and underground. The whole thing just unfolds into a bubble bath of synths and drums, sort of Prescription vibe where the beat is as unnecessary as essential to hold the whole thing together.

Moving onto the Avatism mix of ‘Pe Dos’ and things take more sinister turn, well, low slung, dirty electronic noise kind of sinister. The shuffly beats compliment the industrial, almost gothic noise journey. Not often I will make this comment but I think this is a far superior mix of the track. I like the experimental feel to the groove, deep and searching.

Closing out the EP is ‘Trandafirit’ and once again we open with a solid yet simple funky groove, touches of another vocal snippet sample and things just groove along, not the strongest cut on the release but a mood setting filler at the very least.

All in all a decent release, I must admit to having something of a maverick spirit so whilst this has something to offer by way of different styles I would head straight for the remix of the title track and just cane that one.