PRESS RELEASE ::: Various Artists ‘Dope Sampler Seires EP’ (Flumo Recordings)

Flumo Limited is happy to present a Various Artists release focusing on sampling some of the inspirational and creative souls surrounding their house.

Label’s native Ekkohaus opens up with a driving beat, much representative of the vibes he generates often in the clubs he visits. The playful application of effects on the rolls of hi- hats well corresponds with the melodically rhythmic bass line, without losing any of the focus towards the intent of movement instigation.

London’s local Joe Europe alternates the tempo back down with a well contrasting rhythm and synth interplay, exposing a deeper groove that’s due to draw any corner dancer to the front-and-centre with a teasing, swinging, funky cut.

One of label’s all time role models chimes in on a hypnotic texture of a groove. Gene Hunt, straight from Chicago, proposes ‘HaHaHa’ as a pretty swell choice for a tribal dance, much needed in any good party.

Ready to slowdown and relax your feet? Choir vocals, shouts and screams, paired with acid bass and smooth synths, brace into the soulful. Label’s head honcho Nicson offers up ‘The Way I Think Of You’, a trip of happiness, boogie and friendship.

Release Date: 9th Febuary 2015
Format: 12’’ White Vinyl Record