REVIEW : Adrian &amp / Georgi Barrel – Back2Basskicks EP

Back2BassKicks is the highly anticipated forthcoming EP release from Adrian & Georgi Barrel on Sinnmusik. Since his last release, Late Nite Foray, back in April, things have been a little quiet on the Georgi Barrel front but now we know why. ‘Jersey Love’ is exactly what you would expect from an artist of this calibre. His love for the old school east coast aesthetics is shines through. This EP features tracks produced alongside Adrian, proves why he is now Sinnmusik’s favourite artist. Adrian shows us through his track ‘The Way’ why he is now the face of the new generation. He uses elements of the old school Detroit and Chicago scene but with a new futuristic twist, which allows him to bridge the gap between the old and new sound. Bass2BassKicks encompasses both the producer’s distinct styles whilst complementing each other perfectly. With Georgi Barrel hailing from Germany and Adrian now residing in Spain, it is evident that they have both used their extensive music knowledge between them to create something altogether fresh and well executed.

The title track Bass2BassKicks begins with the regular format you would expect from any house track but after a minute in the structure completely changes with an old school acid house vibe. You can really feel the energy here from both Adrian & Georgi Barrel. The numerous layers of the track would usually feel quite hectic but somehow they have managed to avoid that and create a very rich whole sounding track. For those who are not straight house heads this is something for you. ‘Back2BassKicks’ has the various basic fundamentals of house, techno and garage, which are all evident here. The percussion allows the synth to glide along with perfect ease as it phases in and out allowing the different layers to join the track.  The minimal bass fits faultlessly. Towards the end it changes into a more funky jazz style allowing us to refresh and collect. Not an ordinary ‘deep house’ track but what else do you expect from this pair? They have definitely succeeded in producing a dance floor oriented hit, which I’m sure, will be well received.

With a track name title like ‘Jersey Love’, you can predict the sort of vibe Georgi Barrel will produce. From beginning to end, the track perfectly captures the love and tenderness associated with the original messages of old school house music. As the warm gentle synths fades in all you have are beautiful images of late summer nights. Underneath the synths, you have a quiet and almost negligible percussion that sounds like a clock ticking. It is almost although you’re waiting for something uncertain to happen. Soon after your heart starts racing, but before you can ponder what it could be, it progress further. There is no ‘drop’ here but it isn’t need. The minimal style allows the track to appear to us flawless to the extent that you forget it is electronically produced. The synth is short, sweet and not at all over powering. The bassline forces you to bob your head up and down. You can’t help to get up and boogie or at least tap your foot. But what really makes this track complete is the soulful vocals sampled that echo the same passion you find in RnB tracks. This is a true, honest homage to the east coast scene.

Have you ever wondered what the result would be if New Jersey house and European techno met? Well here is a track that has tried to emulate the recognizable features of both. Adrian has managed to produce a track that feels familiar but is completely different. Every one of his tracks features his own distinct signature. Beautifully minimal, ‘The Way’ is wonderful. The soothing synths and punchy percussion have resulted in a dance floor classic full to the brim of warm vibes.  Sometimes, especially with the longer house tracks, they can feel quite empty and monotonous but the dreamy female vocals have added another dimension forcing the track into a new upbeat direction. 4 minutes in and it feels as though the track is beginning all over again but with a slightly more techno-ey element. The biggest surprise with this track is that it is not tiring at all. You can really lose yourself and fall deep into your own thoughts.  All in all, Adrian has produced a perfect house track for this summer.

Check out the EP here:

Adrian & Georgi Barrel – Back2Basskicks EP