REVIEW ::: Beard Shaper ‘Face Value’ EP

Itchy Pig Records are back with a cracking release from label boss, Beard Shaper.

‘Face Value’ kicks off with a thumping kick and a chatter of percussion that is soon joined by a buoyant bass line. The uplifting synths are complimented beautifully by the flurry of flute and shimmer of organ as the track flits gloriously between its ever-changing soundscapes, piquing and maintain your interest throughout.

Chris Masey’s remix adds a layer of crisp crunchiness to the percussion, making the bass throb with a renewed vigour and the synth line twang with an added zest, twisting it into a darker, filthier version of the original.

With his ‘Rolling Thunder’ mix, Ilya Santana ramps up the funk in the bass line and allows the percussion to shuffle forward and do its thing, whilst the soaring synth line and disco-tinged strings come together beautifully to craft a proper delightful groove.