REVIEW ::: Dan Kye ‘Joy, Ease, Lightness’ (Rhythm Section)

Jordan Rakei aka Dan Kye is a fairly new resident to London. He first hit the UK back in 2014 for a new years eve party. Since then he has become completely engrossed within the capitol – collaborating with many oif the cities finest. His style is charismatic and soulful and grabs you instantaneously. His latest offering is on Rhythm Section

‘Change’ probably holds comfort with his unique and accountable style as the short but stable lyrics take grace upon a stylistic groove. This is early evening tackle that will uplift even the moodiest of punters to hustle upon the dancefloor.

‘Like You Wanna’ encompasses a more serious groove as this slow deliver is pushed upon the listener. Slick and simple guitar grooves slowly build upon this steady groove before the lyrics drop and take stronghold of the sonics.

‘Tolle’ begins with some slick keys and some vocals above a very light kick drum that steadies the build with grace. Once the bass properly kicks then you become encompassed, before the bridge hits, breaks, then delivers a stunning arrangement that is impossible not to enjoy. Possibly my favourite track on the release.

Finally we end with ‘Iigo’ that sounds more like a starting track for the EP. Nevertheless, its not too bad. Certainly not the best on the release. That said, it still holds wight and is well worth your pennies.