REVIEW ::: Duncan Gray – Crush -Future Bones (Tici Taci)

To say Future Bones (Stephen Mulhall and Leo Pearson) are ones to watch might sound like a bold statement but when you look at the people these lads are rubbing shoulders with and the quality of the tunes they are releasing it doesn’t take a genius to work it out.

With remixes courtesy of esteemed beat makers like Rich Lane, Somerville & Wilson, Gemini Brothers and Tici Taci Head honcho Duncan Gray and performing remix duty for Neil “Tronik Youth” Parnell these boys have got the minerals.

Impressive releases on Tici Taci which include “Gone Again” a synth and positively fat acid driven track that has found its way into some of the most upfront mixes of the past few months to the instantly recognisable “Pain Killer” with its distinctive warbling riff and Leo’s haunting vocals are just two of their standout tracks among many.

Their latest remix of Duncan Gray’s “Crush” delivers a lovely echoed guitar riff and deep War of the Worlds like pulse that develops into a really spacious yet energetic melee delivering surprises every time you listen to it. Fierce cracks entwine with rising and falling keys and stabs making this one of the best tracks I’ve listened to in a while. Can’t wait to hear this on a hearty system

You should really check out the boys previous releases and add Future Bones to your New Release alerts because if what I’ve heard so far is any indication of things to come Stephen and Leo will certainly be worth keeping an ear out for.