REVIEW ::: Lake People ‘Purposely Uncertain Field’

Some say you can’t put a price on beauty. That can definitely be articulated about Martin Enke’s (aka Lake People) latest offering. ‘Purposely Uncertain Field’ is somewhat basic genius. The album, out now on Permanent Vacation is an absolutely wonderful journey to be hold and a treat on every level of the senses.

The adventure begins with ‘Escape Velocity’ that sets the pace for what greatness is to follow. The track is a wandering array of 4×4 drum bliss. The beat structure is simple yet thorough with an excellent sounding kit. Stunning pads and melodies that become entangled within its own beauty.

‘Drifting Red’ launches as if it’s been recorded in a cave so divine that it is one of the seven wonders of the world. The delays are staggering in their aural spectrum while the drive of the track is certainly encapturing as the pads hold you comfortingly throughout.

‘Entangled’ is a brief interlude that walks lightly from the word go, taking you on a journey of contempt with elements of Boards Of Canada and Roof Light.

‘Lamb Shift’ picks up the pace again with a serious toil of drums and sophisticated structure. As soon as the bass-synth is introduced you have no choice but to lose it and smile in sheer admiration. The pads welcome an eerie element to the track, bringing a different and enjoyable twist to the track.

‘Cooping’ reminds me of an electronic ping-pong in the way the gustative array bounces from high to low. The percussion is well developed and fits great with the rest of the track.

‘Orb’ sounds like a homage to the early UK techno offshoots that began taking shape back in the mid 90’s. The sounds build and romance with each other from start to finish, announcing a comfortable bridge for the album.

‘Illuminated’ consists of a progressive drum structure that is impossible not to lose yourself in. The parchment of afferent sounds not only leaves you stunned, but also allows you to prepare for the fact you will be pressing play again, once this album has been enjoyed in it’s entirety.

‘Blackpoint’ is more upbeat in some aspects than many of the previous tracks. Not that any have been lacking energy, far from it. Be that as it may, the drums syncopate on this with huge energy, while the pads bring composition to the whole piece.

‘Bora’ brings down the pace for a two minute period, allowing you to take in exactly what you are being treated to. The beatless-padorama allows you to take that moment of affection and applaud  such an amazing release.

‘Glease 29’ steps it up a gear as the album approaches its terminus. A bleepy techno track that bounces with an abundance of force and sophistication. A true late night affair that not only sets the standards, but blows those fundamentals to sprinkling morsels.

The end is realised with ‘Distance’ that begins with a buildup of synths and sounds that increase with volume and dance together effortlessly. The relaxed approval for what you have enjoyed from start to finish.

Sorry to be so blunt but please don’t be a dick and download this album off some freeshare site. This artist deserves every penny for what they have put together here. This is an absolute classic and one that will be loved for many years to come.