REVIEW ::: Latence – Nebula EP (Playlabel Records)

From Playlabel Records arrives the new Latence EP “Nebula”. With an extensive knowledge of the styles, Latence excellently manages to combine the classic Deep / Tech House sound with creativity and freshness of the new.

Starting with “Nebula”, this EP builds a deeper atmosphere oriented toward Techno, unlike the other three tracks that follow with a more House sound. With sampling of voices reminiscent eighties and powerful sub bass lines, constantly keep an evolution of emotions playing with the feelings through meticulously composed rythmic build ups and minimalist percussion.

The tour continues with “Phonic”. With a more Deep House cut while maintaining the characteristic sound of Latence. Synthesizers with flowing tonal transitions that create a soft yet elegant feeling stands out and reveals the Jazz, Funk and Disco influences from this producer.

The time is now for “Everlasting”, with clear House reminiscences especially noticeable in the bass line and percussion elements and a touch Minimal voice at work sampling, achieves a fresh new wave that does not disclaim the roots, rescuing the best of the old to merge with its innovative and consistent sound.

Closing the EP is in charge of “Consonances”. Through sounds of the electronic music scene of the 90’s and the 80’s Disco and Funk waves, takes you to past decades of a solid groove and powerful and clear beats. Surely this could be, of the four themes that make up this EP, the one that more reflects the influences that Paul aka Latence received from his father in his childhood and profoundly influenced the way in which this talented producer and DJ from Brussels develops his work.

Personal Pick: It’s hard to choose one track because the EP really has an incredible cohesion and coherence between songs that compose it, however, my favorite is “Phonic” for its elegant and delicate sound.