REVIEW ::: Perc ‘Gob’ (Perc Trax)

Perc returns to Perc Trax for his first solo release since last February’s ‘The Power And The Glory’ LP. ‘Gob’ finds Perc more focused than ever with his dance floor instincts sharpened by the two lengthy international tours that followed that album and the 10 years of Perc Trax releases.

Created during the run up to the recent UK general election this EP continues the political stance of ‘The Power And The Glory’ without ever forgetting that techno is body music, created for and experienced best on the dance floor. Across the three tracks and the Jonny Costello designed artwork current UK issues of corporate and political greed and the rise in inequality play on Perc’s mind. Starting with ‘Gob’s utilisation of pre-election political noise through to ‘Gruel’s call to arms and ‘Change To Win’s appropriation of a political slogan this is Perc making a statement without ever losing focus of the music.