REVIEW ::: Various Cuts #1 (ClekClekBoom)

ClekClekBoom are certainly a label we enjoy here at Mind Grub Audio. As soon as we heard their ‘Paris Club Music’ series back in 2013, we were hooked. However the label goes back further still. Originally forming way back in 2007, with the idea set around a backbone of a few producers who provide the bulk of the output, some of which are behind this first ‘Various Cuts’ series.

First up are French Fries & NSDOS. Their track begins with an electronic stride of basic percussion while the pads create the atmosphere with great success. The kick comes in after just a few bars and is faint and calm. Then the hit comes through, prominent as if to call for battle. Very primalistic and very effective.

The cut from Aleqs Notal begins with a flurry of electronic percussion that wanders above the standalone kick. A few moments in and the drum hats begins to come through, while the pads create an eerie and lovely spectrum of sound. A slow pace with a seriously good groove. What a track.

Next in line is Jean Nipon. His track begins life as a medley of electronically produced sounds that manipulate the course of the hats. The kick is solid and prominent while the pads create a great feel. The bass is sporadic to begin with, then flourishes into an arpeggiated delight. I love this track, it is astounding to listen to. The syncopation throughout is excellent and is certainly a piece you can come back to again and again.

To finish off, Barbara Ford provides the Roland stomper that is ‘Frostbite’. This is acid as it used to be. A lot of producers try to reinterpret that sound with huge disasters. This however, is the complete opposite. Simple, deep and very solid indeed.

I love this EP. It gives you a broad whisper as to what this label is about. They are diverse, interesting and always have something up their sleeves. We can’t recommend this enough.