REVIEW ::: Various – LBL002

LBL is certainly a label that we recommend you keep an eye on (or ear for that matter). Fronted by Man Power & Peter Wilson, their first release was a joy to listen to. The second installment certainly hatches onto that statement with easse. Featuring works by ASOK, Causa, Colout In Waves & Ste Spandex, the release browses through the electronic spectrum with great success.

Beginning with ‘Gridrunner’ the track launches through the saw-waves, chopping along the sonic spectrum, allowing the drums to provide the weighty backbone as they precariously dance with each other. The sounds outline a broad spectrum on the audible array, leaving just enough room for the pads and synths to provide the atmospheric backdrop. A great start.

‘Seven’ is astounding right from the word go. The track launches into an electronic array of sounds that provide the theatrical structure for this unbelievably great track. The percussion and drums sit well in their space and are programmed with stunning results. This track wouldn’t be a miss in a science fiction classic, so music supervisors who are serious about find class should take note. In the meantime however, there wouldn’t be a hazy room whereby this track couldn’t compliment. A track created for the more refined floors around.

Conservation Of Momentum picks off where the last track began. Similar sound but with a more upbeat structure than the last, holding a serious and admirable groove from the word go.  The synths in this are epic to say the least, allowing the drums to do their thing with admirable effect. The sounds used throughout are second to none and is a clear winner in our eyes.

The Manchester synth fiend that is Ste Spandex provides the last track on the release. ‘Oh’ is a wandering stomp not to be ignored. The glide throughout the track is impossible to ignore as the synths and pads hover and fly throughout the sonic spectrum, leaving just enough pace for the vox chop to ping throughout the track.

This is an absolute beauty of a release. Do me a favour and go buy this release. It’s solid as foook and it most certainly deserves your lunch money.