Stupid Human ‘Gang Of Wolves EP’

gang wolvesStupid Human kicks off 2014 in glorious fashion with an EP resplendent in its disco-drenched magnificence.

Opening track, ‘Gang of Wolves’, is, quite simply, gorgeous. A bass line dripping in raw, unadulterated funk sashays across a simple but compelling drum beat. Soon enough, the exquisitely angelic vocal soars over the top whilst all around hints of synth and guitar sparkle like the sun catching the crest of a wave. This tune is guaranteed to have your mind drifting off in a haze of disco-induced bliss in next to no time.

‘In Slo Moshun’ sounds like it’s finally ambled its way out of Studio 54 in the 70s and made its way into the full glare of 2014’s glimmering dawn. A steady groove that wears its disco sensibilities on its sleeve is built out of a drum, bass, synth combination that is achingly wonderful. The dazzlingly beautiful vocal proclaims, “I want this night to last” and if it sounds like this then we can understand why! Seriously, if this doesn’t entice you into dancing the soft shoe shuffle with that special someone then you may well be an inanimate object.

The final track, ‘Not Tonight’, starts simply enough, allowing the main sample to be chopped and filtered in over the top of another slow burning groove. Playing out like a rousing sleeper still clinging to the triumphant memory of last night’s dream, the different elements are allowed to drift in and out of the track, as piano, synth and strings whisk you along into a fabulous downpour of disco delights, resplendent in their full head-nodding glory.