This is Talahachi

This 4 track EP from electronic label Talahachi. The label describes themselves as being “not dance floor obsessed”- this really shines through on their debut EP which is a compilation, featuring tracks from John Beltran, Stephan Lopkin, Sir Lord Commix and Invitation Au Voyage. The EP has a consistently chilled yet uplifting feel to it, the varying tempos throughout the 4 songs to showcase the diversity and introduce the labels identity.

The A-Side opener (John Beltran- Pisces) uses beautiful chords and a simple vocal sample to create music that sounds like it will be used for sunny festival promotion videos worldwide- in the best way possible. It’s ambient, relaxing, summery vibes make it a great listen with the windows open and the sun shining.

Track 2 is from Stephen Lopkin’s Rannoch Moor, has more pace than the opener, yet keeps in line with the summer sound. It’s a bit of a grower, but a few listens in and you’ll be humming the tune into next week. The track builds really well, however it unfortunately does seem to lose some of its momentum towards the end.

The B-Side really lives up to the labels soft spot for “sequencers and arpeggiators, chord memory and the filters on vintage samplers”. Sir Lord Commix – Beyond Reach has an innovative use of layers, and the number of melodies seem to blend perfectly without sounding messy. This is the sort of stuff you can imagine being played alongside the more uplifting sounds of the Ninja Tune crew.

The finale comes in the form of Iridium by Invitation Au Voyage, which brings a slower pace with a stronger, much darker sound. The simplicity of this track really works to contrast the rest of the EP, while somehow still aligning with the labels “ambient” feel.

Overall this is an uplifting 4 track with a holiday feel to it. It’s not often a label is so upfront about not being for the dance floor- and it works. The two tracks from the B side you can definitely imagine being played out, but it is refreshing to know that there is new music arriving with the intention of just being enjoyable music rather than to fill dance floors. This EP is for chilling out closing your eyes and imagining you are somewhere beautiful, its an exciting debut and there is hopefully more to come. Available for download and vinyl release now (links here;