VIDEO PREMIERE ::: ‘Sheffield: Steeling The Limelight’

Sheffield is a city that has always enjoyed a rich musical heritage. From the days when world famous theatre organist Reginald Dixon was rewriting the rule book on how people used the Wurlitzer, through to the experimental, industrial dance stylings of Cabaret Voltaire, and on to the forward-thinking bleep and bass sounds of the likes of Mark Bell, Sheffield is a city that has been prolific in its production of pioneers and party-starters for decades now. And yet…

When you speak to people from further afield, very few still see the steel city as vibrant, vital or vivacious any more. But it is. It really is. Sheffield is thriving. And the underground, as always, is where you’ll find the city showing off its best side.

We spoke to those who’ve been in and around the peaks and troughs of the city’s electronic music scene, both young and old, to find out where it’s come from, where it’s at, and where they think it’s heading. ‘Steeling the Limelight’ invites you to join us, as we refocus some well deserved attention on a place that’s been forgotten for too long now, reminding people that, far from being left behind, Sheffield’s just been forging the way forward.

Part One focuses on the past, because to know where you’re going, you need to know where you’re at; and to recognise where you’re at, you need to remember where you’ve come from.